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I’m conflicted about Apple’s new Macbook. One the one hand, I love the design. The new keyboard looks great and so does the screen. The form factor is exactly what I’m looking for in a laptop. In fact, if we’re judging this from a purely aesthetic point of view, I could quite happily replace my existing Macbook Air with a new Macbook tomorrow.

But on the other hand, Apple has once again rubbed me up the wrong way by making things unnecessarily complicated, this time by introducing a new port.

Yes, I’m talking about USB-C. And, yes, I know it’s a universal standard and not another firewire fiasco (Apple users really have been burned in the past). But no matter how you slice it, the decision to only include one USB port on a premium laptop, USB-C or otherwise, is inexcusable. What makes this worse is that Apple’s answer to the problem – a range of expensive adapters – is nothing short of laughable.

That’s why this month’s Kickstarter pledge (Hub+) is an essential purchase for all new Macbook owners.

Hub+ is great. It’s a small USB-C hub with support for several external devices and peripherals. There’s two USB-C inputs, one SDXC card reader slot, a mini DisplayPort, and enough room for three traditional USB 3.0 devices. Hub+ also has a built-in lithium ion battery with enough juice to charge your phone.

Basically, Hub+ makes Apple’s new Macbook as useable and useful as a regular laptop, despite the fact that for a device costing over a grand it shouldn’t be necessary in the first place.

Hub+ has already smashed its target of $35,000 by attracting almost 6,000 backers. At the time of writing it’s received $640,000 in total. But there’s still time if you want to get in on the action too – the pledge door won’t be swinging shut until June 15.

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