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“Let’s just get Greece sorted.”

Thom Feeney came up with the idea of crowdfunding the Greek bailout towards the end of June. He reckoned if every EU resident donated €3 – or the price of a pint  – Greece could pay back its debt. And, amazingly, it seems to be working.

At the time of writing, over 72,000 backers from 167 different countries have pledged almost €1.3 million between them. According to stats from IndieGoGo, the Greek bailout campaign is attracting donations at a rate of $23,000 an hour with the UK, Germany, and France leading the way when it comes to the highest number of contributors.

Now, look, we both know this will never reach fruition. It’s got less than a week left to run yet still needs to raise over a billion euros. I’ve also broken my own rules with this one. It’s an IndieGoGo campaign, not a Kickstarter pledge. But whatever. We’re talking about people’s lives, and every time an attempt to bailout Greece is delayed it hurts the Greek people even more.

So why back it? Well, I’m hopeful the team at IndieGoGo will bend the rules for this one, donating the money raised so far to a good cause. I’m sure the majority of backers would be willing to see that happen and for their money to be put to good use, regardless of whether the campaign reaches its end goal or not.

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