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Considering my love for the latest gadgets and the amount of money I spend on them, my home is stuck in the technological dark ages. Although it may be hard to believe, especially coming from me, I’m not convinced everything needs an internet connection. Which is why you won’t find a bluetooth-enabled kettle or an intelligent lighting system in my house.

My fridge works just fine without Wi-Fi and, somehow, I remember to empty the washing machine after it’s run without a text message reminder. It’s inevitable that at some point all household appliances will be controllable via my smartphone, and, yes, I’ll probably be grateful for it in the distant future when tech has become incomprehensibly complicated. But until that day comes I’m more than happy going without.

Where smart technology could help, however, is for actually getting into my house. There’s something to be said about the idea of a smart lock, being able to forego keys and use my phone instead – like Sesame, which is April’s Kickstarter pledge of choice.

Basically, Sesame lets your phone replace your keys. It can fit onto most existing locks, so there’s not much set up required, and there are two ways to unlock a door with Sesame, both of which are pretty cool. The first is with your phone, using the companion app. The second, which is infinitely more interesting, is with a custom knock on either your door or smartphone.

In true Internet of Things fashion (assuming you buy the Wi-Fi enabled version) you’ll be able to update who has access to your Sesame-enabled home on the fly. The companion app will also send you a notification each time your door is opened or closed. So, with Sesame, there’s no need to give your friends or parents a spare key if they’re popping over to water the plants while you’re away.

The coolest part of Sesame for me, though, is being able to check whether you’ve locked the front door from anywhere in the world. I’m rather OCD when it comes to that kind of thing, making Sesame more than worth the investment for the piece of mind it brings. There’s novelty value, too – the developers are working on Android Wear support that will let users say “Open Sesame” into their smartwatch to unlock the door. Cool, right?

At the time of writing over 7,000 people have backed Sesame, pledging more than $1.3 million. For a project with a comparatively humble $100,000 goal, that’s fairly remarkable. But you’ll have to be quick if you’re interested in backing this one, as the project closes later today.

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